GUBER.GURU — The first blockchain concierge service.

You can entrust us with any of your wishes. We are happy to fulfill every whim of our client.
The uniqueness of our service lies in its complete anonymity.

We don’t know our clients. We fulfill the wishes of our clients.

The concierge will answer you 24/7 to any of your questions, and if you are satisfied with the answer, he will proceed with the task.

Payment for all your desires is made exclusively with fun coins: GuberCoin and DurCoin.

We do not charge any subscription fee or interest for using the service. You just need to have the necessary amount to pay for your desires in GUBER coins and your desires will be fulfilled.

We work for a tip.
Gratuities are always entirely at your discretion.

We do not accept payment from our clients in any other way other than GUBER coin and DurCoin.
You will ask why?
Everything is very simple.

We care about the safety of our customers.
In our turbulent age, it may turn out that for some ridiculous reason, the client’s funds were blocked by some service of a bank or a payment system or an exchange, or some other incomprehensible thing …

We cannot afford to leave our client in a dead end.
That is why all our clients keep their funds to order everything you want on GUBER.GURU – exclusively on their blockchain wallets, the funds on which cannot be blocked by any, even the most influential, service on planet Earth, which means
our clients are protected.

Yes, we live in the world that surrounds us, and we settle accounts with suppliers in the inventory that is convenient for suppliers, but you, our customers …
you are the most important
and therefore there should be no barriers for you.
We will solve any of your problems.

GUBER coin and DurCoin are coins that can be bought and stored on the DEX platform and wallet

The name GUBER coin comes from two words: GLOBAL UBER – abbreviated – G + UBER = GUBER

DurCoin coin – appeared once as a coin for voting for example here: